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Angry Gun MP7 QD SLNC (Tracer Version) for VFC MP7

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Angry Gun was very well known for designing a silencer made specifically for the MP7 GBB SMG but theyre back with another kind of silencer. This particular version has an Acetech AT2000 tracer module inside. This silencer for VFC MP7 is somewhat special, because aside from being a flash hider, flashes every time it senses a tracer BB is shot through and stays illuminated for the duration of its travel.Use 4 AAA alkaline batteries lasting for 20,000 rounds, or use 4 eneloop rechargeable AAA batteries lasting for 100,000 rounds.

  • Sustained ROF up to 1800 RPM
  • AT1000 takes effect only with using green glow in the dark BB bullets
  • Auto power off.
  • Battery : Alkaline (Do not use heavy duty battery)
  • Dimension : diameter 37mm, length 156mm

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