kRYTAC War Sport LVOA-S AEG - Combat Grey

kRYTAC War Sport LVOA-S AEG - Combat Grey

Código: FM02403

Fecha de entrada: 30-11--0001

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The Krytac LVOA (Low Visibility Operation/Applications) is a fully licensed gun from War Sport Industries in the United States. The LVOAs rail design come right up to the Top Hat flash hider that is iconic to the model. Along with the rail, this AEG features full, accurate markings from War Sport as it is a fully licensed gun. The LVOA-S is the intermediate length version, giving you a long enough barrel to reach out an touch someone while still being nimble in tight confines.

The internals are signature Krytac. Featuring a 30k neodymium magniet high-torque motor, anti-corrosion mech box coating, as well as temperature and wear resistant hop-up bucking to name a few internal features that allow this gun to perform well right out f the box.


x1 Krytac LVOA-S AEG (Combat Grey)

Instructions manual

x1 300rd high capacity magazine
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