Código: FM02668
Precio: 259.99€
The replica Fullmetal Arms MK18 MOD1 assault rifle is composed largely of an aluminum alloy with some steel elements in the most vulnerable points of the replica.

The Sopmod type stock and the pistol grip are made of polymer, the stock allows the carriage of the double stick battery.

The replica has received an anodizing process on its body and the hand guard, which guarantees a high degree of protection against corrosion.

The paint is applied by powder coating process, after undergoing the same surface process before applying the paint.

The body bears the marks of the manufacturer.

The replica is perfectly balanced.

This allows almost ideal maneuverability of the replica and its weight is almost not visible once the replica has been supported.

The replica has the fast system allowing the removal of the spring guide in 30 seconds maximum.

With this system, you can remove the spring directly from the back of the stock tube, without having to remove the gearbox out of the body.

The replica is fully compatible with LiPo 7.4V / 11.1V batteries.

The QD gearbox is a version 2 and is mounted on 8 mm bearings and gears are steel.

The piston is made of polymer and is equipped with steel teeth to increase its durability.

The replica is equipped with a Hop-Up metal chamber.

The replica is equipped with a 9 RIS rail on its four 22mm picatiny side and an adjustable stock.

The top RIS rail has equiped with metal folding sights, which can be easily removed to mount a red dot or scope.

The flashider is standard placed on a 14 mm left thread easily removable, which allows to fix a silencer in its place.

The replica comes with a 300 bb, Hi-Cap steel magazine.

The replicas of Fullmetal Arms are compatible with many magazine available on the market.

Model M4 / M16

Hop-up Yes, adjustable

Color Black

Type AEG

Propulsion Electric

Muzzle Velocity 330 ~ 340 FPS

Material Aluminium, Steel, Polymer

Caliber 6mm

Weight 2580 g

Length 700 / 785 mm

Inner barrel length 280mm

Shooting Mode Safety + Single + Full-Auto

Blowback No

Gearbox Quick Detach, Version 2, 8mm bearing

Motor Original Torque

Compatible Battery Type Double Stick, Type LiPo Stick

Rounds 300 Bb

Capacity HiCap

Wiring direction Rear wirring

Connectors Mini Tamiya

Thread1 4mm ( CCW )

Spring Guide FAST Sytem
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